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Galle or ‘Galla’ is the principal city of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. It has a splendid bay, a natural harbour, and a beautiful rocky sea kissed by constantly pounding waves that a guest can see nowhere else in Sri Lanka. Galle is not just an old city; it is Sri Lanka’s oldest living city.

The famous Roman Mathematician, Geographer and astrologer Ptolemy who lived in 125 -150 AD did not forget to include this splendid gift of nature in his manuscript under the name ‘Taprobane’. The cartographers who reconstructed the Ptolemy’s World map around 1300 AD fixed it there indelibly. The historical manuscript ‘Topograpfia Christina’ written by an Alexandrian merchant, traveller, and geographer Cosmas Indicopleustes mentions Galle as a ‘port of call of the Levant’. Ibn Battuta, the Islamic scholar and explorer who experienced an unexpected forced landing in Sri Lanka around 1344 AD calls it ‘Qali’ in his account ‘Rihla’ or ‘The Journey’. Galle is definitely an outstanding example of an ancient legacy which shows significant stages in human history for which reason the UNESCO included it as a world heritage site.

Galle, a Popular Tourist Destination

Why do many tourists include Galle Fort in their travel package whenever they visit Sri Lanka?

  • It's the largest fort in Sri Lanka and the only best preserved living one in the whole of Asia.
  • The place is very romantic, beautiful and safe.
  • People are friendly and welcoming.
  • Food's delicious and ideal for your budget.
  • Popular tourist destinations such as Hikkaduwa, Rumassala, Bentota, Matara Fort, Kaluwella beach, etc are close at hand.